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Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective for @aljazeeraamerica | This is the face of political oppression. Tonight, at a peaceful candlelight march commemorating the nineteenth anniversary of constitutional changes that are viewed by many here as authoritarian, a number of men believed to be undercover police videotaped everything. At the conclusion, uniformed police approached to issue fines (expected to be around 9 million Belarusian rubles, or $500) for the "illegal rally" first to the organizers, then some participants, and finally Belarusian journalists covering the event - including my local fixer. #minsk #belarus #oppression #freepress #беларусь #минск

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective | Rainy day on the outskirts of #Kyiv #Kiev #Ukraine #київ #україна #rain #ponchoparty

So long #DC. Back to Ukraine. @prime_collective

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective | Rooftop meeting in New York. #nyc #newyork #usa #skyline

Fun in the park yesterday with @oksana_par #kiev #kyiv #ukraine #київ #україна

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective | A random gas station along the highway in Belarus. #belarus #беларусь #ontheroad #stuffedanimals

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective | A performance by the Belarus Free Theatre earlier this month in Minsk, on the evening of the country's presidential election. The theater company is widely respected for taking on sensitive political topics in a country that tightly restricts dissent. The company's founders live in exile in London, and police raids on past shows have seen the whole cast and audience arrested. #Minsk #belarus #theater #минск #беларусь

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective for @washingtonpost | Last Saturday, October 24, was the last day of direct flights between Ukraine and Russia. While fighting along the front lines has slowed considerably, the two countries are further apart than ever politically. What this flight ban will ultimately accomplish is hard to say. I took this photo of my seat mates looking out the window during takeoff on the penultimate Ukrainian International Airlines flight from Moscow to Kyiv, on assignment for the Washington Post. #мау #ukraine #україна

JARED MOOSSY NEEDS YOUR HELP: On September 3 my friend, photographer Jared Moossy, was critically injured by a drunk driver. He needs extensive rehabilitation. I'm joining with over 60 other photographers who have donated prints to raise funds to support his recovery. Head to to purchase this image of mine, taken in Romania last year, or any of the many other incredible books or prints donated by photographers around the world. Every dollar will go to helping Jared in his recovery. Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective #moossy #transfagarasan #romania

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective for @nytimes | An outtake from my New York Times assignment in Mariupol, Ukraine in late August. Sunbathers on the beach, up against a fence warning of land mines and a section of beach studded with tank traps and concertina wire. A ceasefire has been in place since September 1, and is holding more firmly than any previously. #mariupol #beach #ukraine #мариуполь #пляж #україна #міни

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective for @nytimes | Roller coaster riders at the Mariupol Extreme Park - an outtake from my New York Times assignment at the end of the summer, which ran the other day. Yesterday in Mariupol, local elections were cancelled at the last minute due to allegations of ballot-printing irregularities. Many suspect the real problem was fear that pro-Russian parties would do better than the President's party, revealing deep divisions in this front-line city. #mariupol #ukraine #мариуполь #україна #rollercoaster

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective | There are local elections today in Ukraine (including for Kyiv mayor). Is that why there's a race car doing donuts in the middle of Khreshchatyk in front of City Hall? #kyiv #kiev #ukraine #київ #україна #racecar #motorsports #election

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective | Pyramid of Cestius, part 2. #rome #italy #roma #italia

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective | Pyramid of Cestius, built in 12 BC. #rome #roma #italy #italia

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective | Polling station, Babruisk, Belarus. Belarusians head to the polls today as longtime president Alexander Lukashenko seeks a fifth term as leader of the former Soviet republic. #belarus #беларусь #бобруйск #babruisk

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective | A peaceful anti-government protest on election eve in Minsk, Belarus. Five years ago, this would not have happened without arrests and violence. It's a small step, though Alexander Lukashenko is still expected to overwhelmingly win tomorrow's election based on his lack of any meaningful opposition and total control of the media. Whether he will clamp down again post-election is an open question. #minsk #belarus #беларусь

Tatyana #Karatkevich, who is running for president of #Belarus as an opposition candidate against longtime strongman Alexander Lukashenko, at a campaign rally in #Minsk. #беларусь #караткевіч @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective

#minsk at night | @prime_collective

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan / @prime_collective | A man at a small rally held by around a hundred independent trade union members seeking better jobs and wages, ahead of this Sunday's presidential election in Belarus. The rally was held in a park on the northern edge of Minsk, out of sight from all but a few moms and kids at a nearby playground. After 45 minutes, they adopted a resolution, packed up their flags and signs, and left. #belarus #беларусь

Tired of the US presidential campaign already? I'm on my way to #Belarus, so tune in for my coverage of the coming election there as Alexander Lukashenko, in office since 1994, seeks a fifth term as president. Brendan Hoffman / @prime_collective