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  • As part of my ongoing exploration of Webster City and its visual representation, I'm interested to review and collect photos by Webster City residents that, in your mind, provide an honest and insightful depiction of ordinary life here - not only what the town looks like, but what it FEELS like to live in, and be from, Webster City. Family, school activities, sports, friends, lovers, neighbors, work - everything that fills your days is of value. Posed pictures are less interesting than candid moments, but I'll look at anything you think I should see. I'll follow up with those submissions that really catch my attention, but my goal is to build a view of Webster City that is more broad, intimate, and nuanced than what I would ever be able to capture on my own. Pictures will never be sold or used to promote any product, service, or other commercial activity, but I do hope to exhibit some of them in the context of this art project or incorporate them into future work. The copyright is still yours.

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